For general admissions please visit Manchester School admissions at or contact our admin team at Ringway Primary School on 0161 245 7166. 

Julie Scott and Pamela Thompson


For Nursery admissions, please download and complete an application form and return to the school office:

Nursery Application Form

Once accepted for our nursery you will receive a letter inviting you to come into the school for a welcome meeting where you must bring in a copy of your child’s birth certificate and complete the registration forms to confirm your child’s place. A home school transition visit will be organised for your child. This is run by the nursery team. We aim to have all our children admitted to Nursery full time by the end of September.

Places will be offered by the school in accordance with the following set of criteria, which will be used to form a priority order if there are more applications for admissions than the school has places.

Category 1 – children who are looked after by a Local Authority;

Category 2 – children with exceptional medical / social needs;

Category 3 – children who have an older brother or sister attending (or having attended within the last 5 years) Ringway Primary school when they take up the place and living at the same address. This includes adopted siblings, step siblings and foster children;

In the event that Category 3 admissions will cause the school to exceed its set number of places, admissions will be prioritised according to the distance between the child’s permanent address and the school, measured in a straight line. Those children living nearest to the school will be admitted until all the places have been taken up; and

Category 4 – children prioritised according to the distance between their permanent home address and the school measured in a straight line. Those children living nearest the school will be admitted until all the places have been taken up.

Parents who are entitled to the 30 hours free child care are required to complete the funding form for each term and submit the code to the school office. On receipt of the funding code, when the child first starts school, you are entitled to claim one free school jumper/cardigan (available from the school office).

This is applicable if you (and your partner, if you have one) are:

  • in work – or getting parental leave, sick leave or annual leave
  • each earning at least the National Minimum Wage or Living Wage for 16 hours a week – this is £125.28 if you’re over 25

Children in Early Years are also eligible to apply for Pupil Premium funding which provides the school with additional funds to support children’s learning and development. The criteria is as follows:

Please note that any children already in our school Nursery do not automatically get a place in our Reception. All applications must be submitted online to Manchester local authority by the nominated date in the year before your child is due to start reception.



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