SEN information for parents

The Special Education Needs Code of Practice 2014 Provides guidance to schools and parents about meeting the needs of pupils. Staff at school will work with parent/carers guiding them and informing them of any additional work they may need to do to support children and identify their strengths. If they need additional help they will be assessed in school and all of the information will be shared with parents/carers.

From September 2014 the government have introduced a single category of special educational need called ‘additional SEN support’ which replaces the old categories of school action and school action plus. This will be a simple and rigorous approach which will focus on the impact of the support provided for your child and how your child can access the help they need.

People who may support children with Additional Needs

SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator)

Co-ordinates all SEN provision across school

Class Teachers

They will make sure that appropriate work is given to your child to meet their needs and ability

Teaching Assistants

They support your children in class and also offer additional support through interventions to help with literacy, phonics, maths and life skills

The Child and Family Counselling Service

Offer counselling and emotional support to pupils in school through a referral made by our SENCo.

Educational Psychologist

Will come to school to carry out assessments for children who have additional needs

Speech and Language Therapist

We have a link therapist at school to support children with their speech and language development.

Outreach Support

We work with agencies from across Manchester who specialise in children with additional needs and they can provide us with help, advice and resources.

School Health Service

Our school nurse comes into school regularly to meet with staff, parents and children; and to offer support and advice where needed.

Trip and clubs

Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are welcomed and actively encourage to go on all trips and to attend all clubs. Where appropriate, parents will be consulted from the planning stage and all reasonable adaptations and adjustments made to ensure that children with SEND can safely access and enjoy the social and skills development that such activities bring. The adaptations will usually be the result of the risk assessment and may include additional  staffing (1:1 support if necessary), extra time allowances, amendments to the activity (eg through use of different equipment) etc.

All activities within and outside school are covered by a risk assessment. These are carried out by Class Teachers and approved by the Headteacher. Additional risk assessments are carried out for specific children with advice from appropriate agencies, depending on their needs, when necessary.

Ringway Primary School SEND information report

If your child’s needs are complex or severe we may ask the local authority for a statutory assessment. This will be in the form of a document that explains your child’s needs and the help they will be able to access. If your child needs extra help because they have been assessed, they will receive an Education, Health and Care plan, the local authority will provide extra resources for your child. If you would like to know what provision is in place in school for your child or need any help because you are worried about your child you can contact school and we can arrange an appointment with our SENCo (Mrs Thomas) 0161 437 1899.

SEND Information Report

There are leaflets below to download with information on:

What all parents need to know about the new changes to SEN provision.
What can I expect from Ringway if my child has a special educational need?
A parent’s guide to the Education, Health and Care needs assessment


SEND Local Offer




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