Home Learning

We have sent packs home with your child so they can carry on with their learning at home. This includes logins for resources we use at school such as Purple Mash, Spelling Shed, Times Table Rock Stars and Bug Club. 

We have also put together a ‘school day structure’. Home Learning Advice

Kindness activities can be found here

Spanish Home Learning Links

Mental Health and Wellbeing Challenges Primary Healthy Schools Health and Wellbeing Challenges


English and Maths support



There are downloadable packs below for each year group and these can also be collected in school. These packs should be completed across 4 weeks and one activity a day should be completed. (There are 4 activities provided a week so we suggest perhaps to spend 2 days on the writing tasks, including time to read over and check their work.)  In addition to this, there are Live Lessons available (see Live Lessons Timetable) and also a list of fantastic websites for English Home Learning, including Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize which include teaching videos. The class teacher may also be setting activities for your child via Purple Mash and Spelling Shed. Books will also be set on Bug Club. 

English Home Learning

If you need help supporting your child with any grammar tasks, please see the KS2_Grammar_Glossary



As a school, we have now subscribed to the White Rose Premium Resources for Maths. This will enable you to continue accessing the worksheets (matching the online videos) free of charge. Please download the worksheet for your child’s year group below and then go to https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/ to watch the free video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child to complete the activity successfully. 

If you would prefer a printed pack, White Rose Learning packs are still available in the school foyer for each year group. More maths resources are available via the link below. 

Maths resources 2020 for children

For live lessons for English and Maths, please see this link Live Lessons timetable



EYFS Home Learning 6.7.20

EYFS Home Learning 29.06.20

EYFS Home Learning 22.06.20

EYFS Home Learning 15.06.20

EYFS Home Learning 08.06.20

EYFS Home Learning 01.06.20

EYFS Home Learning 18.05.20

EYFS Home Learning 11.05.20

EYFS Home Learning 04.05.20

EYFS Home Learning 27.04.20

Letters and Sounds daily phonics lessons

EYFS Home Learning 20.04.20

Maths Reception Parent Guidance W1-3

Online Classroom – Oak National Academy

Twinkl Parents Group – Live sessions

White Rose Maths

Teach your monster to read

Bug Club


Stretch and Grow


Cosmic Yoga

Andy’s Wild Workouts

Phase 2 Phonic Sounds Pronunciation

Phase 3 Phonic Sounds Pronunciation

Phase 4 Blends and Clusters Pronunciation

Phase 5 Phonic Sounds Pronunciation


Year 1



Year 1 https://www.talk4writing.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Y1-Brian-Bear.pdf


Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Time to the hour

Lesson 1 Answers – Time to the hour

Lesson 2 – Time to the half hour

Lesson 2 Answers – Time to the half hour

Lesson 3 – Writing time

Lesson 3 Answers – Writing time

Lesson 4 – Comparing time

Lesson 4 Answers – Comparing time

Year 1 Foundation subjects 1st June


Year 2



Year 2 https://www.talk4writing.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Y2-Superheroes-1.pdf


Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 1 Answers – Telling time to 5 minutes

Lesson 2 – Hours and days

Lesson 2 Answers – Hours and days

Lesson 3 – Find durations of time

Lesson 3 Answers – Find durations of time

Lesson 4 – Compare durations of time

Lesson 4 Answers – Compare durations of time

Year 2 Foundation subjects June


In school, we spend up to 30 minutes a day teaching phonics to children from Nursery to Year 2. We would recommend a live lesson a day for your child to continue with their learning. Your child’s class teacher will be in touch with information on which phase your child is at and the live phonics lessons most beneficial for your child. If you are not able to watch the live lessons, there are phonics packs available to download below or to collect from school. In the packs you will have the sounds and tricky words for the phase and booklets/activities. When completing the packs, go over the sounds first, then look at tricky words. Can they read and write them? Focus on no more than 3 tricky words a week. Then spend up to 15 minutes on the booklets or activities.


Phase 2








Phase 2 Booklet



Phase 3








Phase 3 Booklet A

Phase 3 Booklet B



Phase 5





Year 1 Common Exception Word Activity Mat Pack 8 Looped Precursive

Year 1 Common Exception Word Activity Mat Pack 9 Looped Precursive

Common Exception Words 4

Common Exception Words 5

Phase 5 Tricky Words

Y2 Common Exception Words – Copy


Phase 6


The Mystery of the Missing Treasure Pirates Answers

The Mystery of the Missing Treasure Pirates Game






Phase 6 Healthy Eating Mosaic

Phase 6

Y2 Common Exception Words


Year 3


Year 3 Workbook

Year 3 Grammar Answers

Year 3 https://www.talk4writing.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Y3-Unit.pdf


Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Compare capacity

Lesson 1 Answers – Compare capacity

Lesson 2 – Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 2 Answers – Add and subtract capacity

Lesson 3 – Pictograms

Lesson 3 Answers – Pictograms

Lesson 4 – Bar charts

Lesson 4 Answers – Bar charts

Year 3 Foundation Subjects


Year 4


Year 4 Workbook

Year 4 Grammar answers

Year 4 https://www.talk4writing.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Y4-Unit.pdf

Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Lines of symmetry

Lesson 1 Answers – Lines of symmetry

Lesson 2 – Complete a symmetric figure

Lesson 2 Answers – Complete a symmetric figure

Lesson 3 – Describe position

Lesson 3 Answers – Describe position

Lesson 4 – Draw on a grid

Lesson 4 Answers – Draw on a grid

Year 4 Foundation subjects


Year 5


Year 5 Grammar workbook


Year 5 Grammar answers


Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Metric units

Lesson 1 Answers – Metric units

Lesson 2 – Imperial units

Lesson 2 Answers – Imperial units

Lesson 3 – Converting units of time

Lesson 3 Answers – Converting units of time

Lesson 4 – Timetables

Lesson 4 Answers – Timetables

Year 5 Foundation subjects


Year 6


Year 6 Grammar workbook

Year 6 Grammar answers

Year 6 The Kid who came from Space


Maths w/c 6th July

Lesson 1 – Draw nets of 3D shapes

Lesson 1 Answers – Draw nets of 3D shapes

Lesson 2 – Circles

Lesson 2 Answers – Circles

Lesson 3 – Read and interpret pie charts 2020

Lesson 3 Answers – Read and interpret pie charts 2020

Lesson 4 – The mean

Lesson 4 Answers – The mean

NEW Year 6 transition booklet

Year 6 Leavers 2020 

Please read the letter below to see our plans for the 2020 leavers! 

Leavers’ Letter 2020


Twinkl, an educational resource has given FREE access. You will find a range of activities that you can complete with your child in every subject area.

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer


There is also a link that you may use to watch with your child to educate them on Coronavirus. 

Please click here


Cornonavirus – How to help your child

Tips 1 for Teens

Tips for Parents of Teens

Tips for Babies 

ICON – Tips for Babies

Coronavirus book for children

Helpful guide to lockdown


Mental Health

Mental Health Advice for Parents and Carers

Signs of Stress and Anxiety




Coronavirus Covid-19 information and support (Children’s Society)

The Children’s Society has a range of support materials for young people, parents and schools in their mental and emotional health resource ‘vault’ including:

·         Anxiety

·         Depression and Mood

·         Loneliness

·         Obsessive compulsive disorder

·         Phobias

·         Self care

·         Emotional resilience

·         Mental Resilience

The resources can be found here: https://www.childrenssociety.org.uk/coronavirus-information-and-support

Drawing on themes including hope, gratitude and connectedness, these assembly and class activity ideas are intended as a universal resource for all children. Download the Primary Resources: https://www.place2be.org.uk/media/yesltwzt/primaryschoolresources.pdf


You can find the toolkit here to know how to support pupils’ mental health as they adjust to a new school environment post-lockdown.

: https://www.coramlifeeducation.org.uk/back-to-school-with-scarf









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