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Look at what we have been doing as part of Pupil Parliament!

Children from year 6 were lucky enough to take part in Pupil Parliament Day in January 2018. Together, with a number of other schools around Manchester and Sale East, they celebrated their community and the journey our country has taken to enable us the right to vote. The children worked together, discussing issues such as democracy, what peace is and how we can all work together.


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Parliament week

We were so lucky to take part in Parliament Week and have so many exciting activities taking place. We put balloons and banners up in our entrance hall to remind all children and visitors what we were doing.

Below is what we did in each year group and how we made the most of learning about Parliament.

Look at the work we have been doing by clicking this link. Parliament week 

We were also lucky enough to have Katie from CBBC thank the children for their fabulous work.

Take a look by clicking the link here

Video CBBC Katie


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We are pleased to announce that we are part of the Pupil Parliament Ambassador Scheme.


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