Writing at Ringway

At Ringway, we take great pride in the written work produced by our pupils, and we enjoy creating a “buzz” around the written word. We use a range of rich texts, including picture books and longer novels, in order to stimulate writing and to engage the children. Each year group has a list of text types to be produced by the children across the year (including a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and poetry).  The teachers build these into their planning- both into their Literacy units, and also across the wider curriculum.

From Year One onwards, each writing unit or genre lasts a fortnight, with reading and grammar tasks embedded within the teaching. At the end of each unit, the children are asked to celebrate all of their hard work by producing an independent piece of Big Writing, where they are able to use any drafts or notes made in earlier sessions.


Grammar, Spelling and Handwriting

In line with the 2014 curriculum, Grammar and Spelling are very high profile at Ringway. Aside from spelling sessions in school, your child should also be bringing home spellings to learn each week. Please help us by making sure that your child invests some time at home learning their spellings as part of their homework. Grammar is taught regularly in school, in context where possible, and is often embedded within the Literacy units that we teach.

At Ringway, we encourage our children to take great care with their presentation at all times, ensuring that each piece is in their neatest and most consistent handwriting. All classes have frequent handwriting sessions, and we are currently starting to teach cursive handwriting in Foundation and Year 1, based on the Collins cursive materials.


Cross-Curricular Writing

Teachers regularly plan cross-curricular pieces of writing to be completed as part of the children’s work in other subjects. This is because we want to get them to enjoy writing, but furthermore to enjoy writing for a variety of contexts and purposes. Lots of the cross-curricular work that the children complete is celebrated around the school because they produce such fantastic pieces of writing. The work above shows Year 2’s diary entries linked to History, Year 3’s council letters linked to SMSC, Year 4’s River poetry, and Year 6’s biographies within their Science topic.


cc writing 1 cc writing 2 cc writing 3 cc writing 4


Spelling Long Term Plan

Writing Long Term Plan

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