Reading for Pleasure

At Ringway, we want our children to leave us with a thirst for knowledge and a love of literature and reading. This is something we are working hard to embed through the entire school, starting from the Nursery. We place a large focus on reading for enjoyment, and children throughout the school are regularly given the experience to “listen to a story.” We see this as an important part of the school day- please ask your child which book they are currently reading in class and encourage them to discuss it with you. Our teachers strive to choose books which they think their classes will enjoy, and have worked incredibly hard to create stimulating and exciting reading areas for their classes, including Mr Crone’s blossoming book garden and Miss Butler’s enchanting book archway.

Book area 3 Book area 1 Book area 2

Throughout the year, we celebrate reading through events such as our school book fair. This helps us to raise extra money for the school so that we can buy more books for the classrooms. Last year, the money for this was spent on creating a school Reading Spine- making sure a wider variety of books were made available to our children across all year groups, incorporating a range of challenging texts from a range of well-known authors. We also celebrate World Book Day every year, where the children enjoy dressing up as their favourite book character. We always celebrate this with an assembly, and there are plenty of fun competitions across the week for the children to engage in.


Reading for Decoding

Children at Ringway experience Phonics sessions throughout the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, progressing also into Key Stage 2 where needed. We place heavy emphasis on the discrete teaching of phonics as a key subject that creates many of the foundations for their success as they move up the school.

If you feel like you could benefit with some help over how to support your child with Phonics, here are some great websites and apps available to help you to support them at home.


Mr Thorne Does Phonics: Letters and Sounds

£2.99. iPad and Android.  

Pocket Phonics

£1.99. iPad, iPhone

Kids ABC Phonics

£1.99. iPhone, iPad and Android

Phonics Vowels

£1.99. iPhone, iPad.

Phonics Genius

Free. iPad and iPhone.

If there is any more information that you would like about Phonics, please feel free to ask your child’s class teacher.


Reading for Understanding

We place a huge emphasis at Ringway on reading for understanding, and we embed this where we can across the curriculum. As well as spending time discussing and understanding our Class Readers, we also use these skills in Literacy lessons, across the wider curriculum and also in Guided Reading or whole-class Reading sessions. Our children focus mainly upon shared reading and discussion up to Year 1, and then move onto a more structured teaching of Guided Reading from Year 2 onwards. Our Guided Reading sessions focus on the explicit teaching of reading skills, and we look specifically at literal, deductive and inferential questions.

When reading with your child at home, it is important that you discuss the text that they are reading, to ensure that they are understanding it and what is happening in it. Here are some questions you may want to use to help to focus your discussion of your child’s reading at home.

Questions to help you get more from your child

Also remember your child has a personal online account with Bug Club . This is a fantastic resource which allows the children to read books at their level online, and also provides questions for them to answer, allowing them opportunity to read for understanding too.


Reading Long Term Plan





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