This page is intended as a summary of the full policy which contains further headings. Please consult the full policy for further information.



  • To equip children at Ringway Primary School with information, skills and values to understand and to be able to cope with the physical and emotional changes that happen during puberty.
  • To prepare children at Ringway Primary School for the physical and emotional changes of puberty and the transition into adulthood.


Content / Curriculum:

  • The school’s RSE programme uses the Growing and Changing Together curriculum 1-6. The content covers all of the statutory requirements for RSE required as part of the National Curriculum for Science to all children within school. Alongside this the school recognises that that sex education should be more than solely science if it is to meet children’s needs. Key content and objectives are outlined in the policy.



  • In Ringway Primary School the delivery and content of RSE is carefully planned and delivered by trained members of staff who have attended relevant training. The lessons follow the Growing and Changing Together curriculum and are delivered by a trained teacher and where possible are supported by a Healthy Schools Specialist on RSE or by a School Nurse.
  • At Ringway Primary School we feel that the lessons which cover content on puberty should be delivered in single gender groups and where possible of a teacher or health professional of the same gender. This
  • The lessons are delivered in a discrete PSHE lessons and adhere to the scheme of work provided through NHS Healthy Schools.


Implementation – Dealing with difficult questions & topics:

  • Within school, clear parameters of what is appropriate and inappropriate are agreed with governors, staff and parents prior to any delivery-taking place. This is detailed in the policy.
  • At Ringway Primary School we use the Growing and Changing resources and cover the content as describe in the lesson plans. We are aware other topics may arise will respond by using the ‘dealing with questions’ guidelines outlined in the policy.


Working with Parents:

  • At Ringway Primary School we work very closely with the school community. The schools publishes the curriculum on the website alongside the RSE policy which is freely available to parents and on request and can be made available in translated formats.
  • Every year the school informs parents when the curriculum is being delivered and may be invited to attend a specific meeting to view the resources used within school.
  • Parents are informed that they have the right to withdraw their children from the non statutory elements of sex and relationships education covered as part of PSHE. In the situation where children are withdrawn from SRE lessons, the school will find alternative provision for those children.


Policy, Leadership and Management:

  • Governors, in consultation with the head teacher, have a statutory responsibility for RSE in the school.


Summary completed by: Mr. D Crone (26.01.16)


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