We are so lucky to have so many exciting, educational and fun events that the children take part in.

Girls and Boys from Ringway primary with Manchester United Captain and England international Alex Greenwood.

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Mike Kane comes to visit! – Read our latest newspaper article

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Small Steps for Peace

SCHOOL children from across the North-West are attending a graduation ceremony at Warrington’s iconic Peace Centre and Ringway Primary School are lucky enough to attend.

They School children at Ringway Primary school have completed a ground-breaking peace education programme designed by the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Peace Foundation. Small Steps for Peace is an interactive peace education course 9-10 year-olds. The course aims to help children understand the causes of conflict and gain awareness of the impact and consequences of violence as well as practising problem solving in creative ways and in collaborative group settings.


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Disability Awareness Day

Year 5 took part in a special course about disability awareness in sport. The course was delivered by friend of the school and Manchester City disability officer Paul Kelly.

Throughout the day children learned about different disabilities and how people who have these can still compete to a very high level in sport. There was also a practical element to the day and the children took part in Sit-down Volleyball and Blind-football. A Special attention was given to activities for visually impaired and this was a great benefit to both pupils and staff.


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Spanish Day

Our Spanish super learning day was amazing! The children looked at flamenco dancing and dressed up in Spanish clothes.


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Rainforest Day

The children also recently had the opportunity to hold lots of different creatures that live in the rainforest.

“Look away now if you don’t like creepy crawlies!!”

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